The Facts of Protein Bar

The Power of Protein

Can you imagine if we stop consuming protein in our diet? Puffy and flaky skin, hair loss, brittle nails, muscle loss, weak bones, low immunity…. YES, protein is essential for us.

Following the trend of health awareness, people start heading to gym for workouts. Many people think that “protein = muscle = good thing = slim”. Therefore people are seeking for protein-packed foods, thought that consuming more proteins can improve their exercise performance or fasten the formation of muscles.

However it doesn’t as simple as that.

Since 2010’s, many companies have been launching their protein bar and claimed that it contains high amount of protein which can satisfy the needs of daily protein intake. Sounds AMAZING!

Have you thought that while you are enjoying the protein bar, you are also consuming the other unnecessary ingredients and elements which may harm your body?

 Out of the over 40 ingredients, 4 are perhaps natural in my book (raisins, rolled oats, water and cinnamon).

Brown Rice Syrup – This has a glycemic index (GI) of 100 and, unless specified, is typically derived from genetically modified brown rice. It is a refined and concentrated sweetener that is often used as a substitute for high fructose corn syrup.

Fractionated Palm Kernel OilCheap, unhealthy fat.

Natural FlavorThis can be anything, including MSG. Hmm. Just think of all the creative ingredients that can be hiding under the “natural flavors” label.

Polydextrose – Food companies use this additive to bulk up product and add fiber. FAKE FIBER.

Check out the sugar contain, 7g in a bar, sounds acceptable, but the sweetness in this bar is created by artificial sweeteners.

Calories is as high as a bowl of cooked rice.

Okay, I would probably cook chicken breast with hummus as my snacks to avoid these complicated refined foods.

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Source: realfoodslady

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