Sweet Pea (Vacuum-Fried) 100g

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Low Calorie Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea | Healthy Snacks

Did you know? Without any sugar added, sweet pea has the natural sweetness just like sweet corn!

Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea is made with 80% lesser oil, slightly salted ( 50% lesser sodium contain), no MSG, preservatives and non-deep-fried in high temperature. Therefore, other than it is low calorie, our Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea will not harm your health in long term.

1kg of VF Sweet Pea = 10kg of Fresh Sweet Pea

When it turns into healthy snacks from fresh fruit and vegetables, the nutrition still remains. Why?

Instead of deep-frying the sweet peas to make it crunchy, Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea are dried in 40°C – 70°C (low temperature) vacuum chamber. Within this range of temperature, food will not form harmful chemical like carcinogen acrylamide which may cause cancer if consume it in long term.

During the whole process of drying, it can retain 95% of nutrition, color, taste and shape. Therefore, it is 100% safe for you even kids and elderly.


Suitable for: Vegan; Office Lady; Pregnant Mum; Kid 1 y/o and above


For Vegan (Pork Free, Muslim Friendly),

The Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea is 100% plant-based and 100% made of natural vegetables. It does not contain any dairy products, eggs, honey and additives like gelatin.

For Office Lady,

Compare with the carb-rich cookies, fatty nuts, and sugary candies, the Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea has 80% lower calories than them.

If you want to save calories for your meal and have snacks at the same time, Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea is the best convenient snack during your work!

For Pregnant Mum,

We know that pregnant mums need special care on their diet, eg. consuming natural fruits and vegetables. Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea has 80% lesser fats, no any flavoring, coloring, sugar, preservatives and artificials.

However, it still remains the original beneficial nutrition of the vegetable up to 95% like vitamins, fibre and so on!

Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea remain 100% original flavour, fragrance and color of the fresh vegetable. Therefore, Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea can be your healthy snacks in your daily diet!

For Kid 1 y/o and above,

We know that kids are picky on their food. If mums would like to let your children try vegetables, you can chop Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea into pieces for easier bites!

By having the Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea with their meal, the Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea can also be one of your fiber sources other than vegetables without adding unnatural and harmful ingredients.

Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea remain 100% original flavour, fragrance and color of the fresh vegetables. Therefore, Vacuum-Fried Sweet Pea can be your healthy snacks in your daily diet!

Texture: Crunchy

Sweetness: ♦

Content: Sweet Pea and vegetable oil only

Net Weight: 100g

Packaging: Packed by premium sealed aluminum zipping packets.

Storage: Keep in cool place. No refrigerate needed. Squeeze out as much air as possible from the packet and seal it after consuming.

Expired Date: Check on packaging.

Product of Taiwan.



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Weight 100 g

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  1. Min Yee

    The snacks are special. I cant get this from other sellers.

  2. Shawn

    Fast delivery

  3. Khaw

    Suitable for kids especially those who dont like vegetables!

  4. Candy

    not oily

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