Mango (Freeze-Dried) 100g

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Low Calorie Freeze-Dried Mango | Healthy Snacks

Our Freeze-Dried Mango does not sugar, coloring, flavouring, preservatives and any artificials (unlike the traditional dried mango which is dehydrated by chemicals which may cause cancer!)

Therefore, with mango itself, the Freeze-Dried Mango is low calorie healthy snacks perfect in your daily diet!

If you think that mango rots very quickly, try Freeze-Dried Mango which can store the mango for 2 years!


1kg of FD Mango= 10kg of Fresh Mango

Instead of adding sugar to dehydrate and preserve it, Freeze-Dried Mango are dried in -40°C (extremely low temperature) vacuum chamber.
During the whole process, it can retain 95% of nutrition, color, taste and shape. Therefore, it is 100% safe for you even kids and elderly.

Suitable for: Vegan; Office Lady; Pregnant Mum; Kid 1 y/o and above;


For Vegan (Pork Free, Muslim Friendly),

The Freeze-Dried Mango is 100% plant-based and 100% made of natural fruits. It does not contain any dairy products, eggs, honey and additives like gelatin.

For Office Lady,

Compare with the carb-rich cookies, fatty nuts, and sugary candies, the Freeze-Dried Mango has 90% lower calories than them.

If you want to save calories for your meal and have fresh mango at the same time, Freeze-Dried Mango is the best convenient snack during your work!

For Pregnant Mum,

We know that pregnant mums need special care on their diet, eg. consuming natural fruits and vegetables. Freeze-Dried Mango has no any flavoring, coloring, sugar, preservatives and artificials.

However, it still remains the original beneficial nutrition of the fruit up to 95% like vitamins, fibre, enzymes and so on!

For Kid 1 y/o and above,

We know that kids are picky on their food. If mums would like to let your children try mango , you can make milkshake or cakes with our Freeze-Dried Mango !
By blending the Freeze-Dried fruits with the other ingredients, the Freeze-Dried fruits can substitute flavoring which might harmful to your beloved ones.
Freeze-Dried fruits remain 100% original flavour, fragrance and color of the fresh fruits. Therefore, Freeze-Dried fruits can be your natural flavoring in your daily diet!

Texture: Crunchy


Content: Mango flesh only

Net Weight: 100g

Packaging: Packed by premium sealed aluminum zipping packets.

Storage: Keep in cool place. No refrigerate needed. Squeeze out as much air as possible from the packet and seal it after consuming.

Expired Date: Check on packaging.


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